New app in the Google Play Store!

I finished a new app yay! :). It gets your impulsiveness score by using the BIS-11 scale. With this application I learned:

  • How to change locale
  • How to support many languages
  • How to use different string.xml files for each language
  • How to create a global context to perform common tasks among activities
  • How to make a difference between android API’s
  • How to add a pop-up menu to the Action Bar
  • How to make the application make effective use of the “back button”
  • How to configure a Google Wallet account
  • How to get paid for applications
  • How to use different kinds of Dialogs

Following knowledge increased:

  • Weights
  • Layouts
  • Image Button
  • Toast
  • Android execution lifecycle

Stuff I enjoyed the most:

  • I created a chart by using buttons and weights
  • I got in contact with the research team of BIS-11
  • Providing multiple languages
  • Designing the icon
  • Providing support to Android 2.2

Challenges for the upcoming new project:

  • Use fragments
  • Use sherlock
  • Use Google API
  • Use OpenGL

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 12.06.21 PM


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